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Market research firms outsource their analytics to Reachout Business Analytics  Consulting? Because  our expertise in statistical analysis and experimental design sets us apart. While most market research firms are expert at running focus groups, collecting data, and presenting the results, they ordinarily do not have an internal data analysis team Our team has expertise in virtually every relevant statistical methodology, in all statistical software packages, and with virtually any quantitative experimental design. We are also expert in qualitative methods, which are often used in market research due to the prevalence of open-ended research questions, or of textual data from focus groups, tape, or video.

By trusting your data analyses to us, you can guarantee your own client that his research questions will be studied properly, that the sample size is adequate to obtain a statistically significant result, and that the data was analyzed optimally. You will also have a dedicated team available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the results of the research.

Sampling and Methodology Consulting

Clients often approach us with a bias toward a certain sampling or analytic methodology, lacking a complete understanding of the best way to reach their desired audience and answer their research questions. We can create samples and methodologies that are

Data Analysis

Having conducted thousands of research studies, Reachout Business Analytics  Consulting has the ability to blend quantitative and qualitative analyses, and engage in statistical analyses of any complexity. Our methodological background enables us not only to report numbers but also to understand what they mean in context.

This includes interpreting statistical methods which are somewhat unique to market research such as TURF, Shapley values, or Thurstone scaling. For projects needing more complex analyses, we can offer numerical techniques, Monte Carlo and other simulations, psychometric techniques such as confirmatory factor analysis or structural equation modeling, neural networks, and virtually any other relevant methodology.

For qualitative research, we prefer using the software package Nvivo. This allows us to analyze data that is in a form such as interviews, open-ended survey question results, or focus room transcripts. To see more about our familiarity with Qualitative Analysis, please click here to visit that area of the

Most importantly, our analysts will use your data to generate practical insights for your firm.  We can estimate your clients' utility functions with MaxDiff analysis, Hierarchical Bayesian modeling, logistic regression, or Generalized Linear Modeling. 

Our team is experienced in working with many analytical software programs, including