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Advanced Data Analysis & Data mining

Introduction to Data analytics
Need for Data analytics
Data Analytics use in different industries
Overview of Course Contents
Data Accessing, Data Managing, Data analyzing, and Data Presenting
Data types (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio)
Descriptive statistics
Cross Tabular
Graphical Method ( V bar H bar Pie )
Exploring and Summary statistics
Introduction to some statistical terminologies and inferences
Population, Sample and Random variables
Point and Interval Estimations
Discrete/Continuous Probability Distributions
Test of Hypothesis
Importance of formulating and validating the hypothesis
Formulation of hypothesis (Null and alternate)
Testing association and differences
Statistical significance and test statistic
Level of significance
Z-Test, T-Test, Chi-Square test, ANOVA
Parametric & Non-Parametric test
Correlation & Regression
Linear Regression
Case Study on Multiple Regression
Logistic Regression
Case Study on Logistic Regression
Cluster Analysis
Case Study on Cluster Analysis
Factor Analysis
Case Study on Factor Analysis